Everything Cleveland CLEVELAND . COM Recruiting quality applicants With an extensive marketing campaign and our personal interview process A rea Temps is among the largest recruitment advertisers in Cleveland, with dozens of classified listings on our website, in local newspapers, and on various job boards each week. Our ads are featured prominently on, and we recruit new local candidates each day from recognized job boards like ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder and Y our account representative will work as a team with our inside staffing specialists to provide personalized service. Daily and weekly quality checks insure your continued satisfaction. U nlike most staffing services, our applicants must complete a comprehensive, personal interview process. In addition to skill requirements, our recruiters are trained to look for candidates with a positive attitude, flexibility, good communication skills and a willingness to learn. Of the over 1,500 applicants who are screened each month, only those who meet these standards are hired and registered in the City Search database. TM Visit our website at AREA TEMPS RECRUITING APPLICANTS 3 ndeed one search. all jobs. careerbu lder .com CareerBoard . com Local Jobs. Local Talent. TM