ASA White Paper Discover the advantages of using temporary staffing Why use temporary staffing? Benefits of Temporary Staffing in a Tough Economy Today’s economy forces businesses and organizations to make tough choices concerning their employees - which are both one of their biggest expenses and greatest assets. Employment costs such as insurance, healthcare, taxes, and benefits are soaring at the same time companies are under great pressure to do more with less. Companies are urged to run “lean.” The answer to managing staffing costs, maintaining productivity while running “lean,” and preparing for economic recovery is strategic staffing. Mitigate Rising Costs Healthcare costs, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, Social Security and other staffing costs continue to rise each year. Staffing can help: ! Provide workers for special projects and peak workloads without increasing fixed payroll costs. ! Reduce overtime labor costs by letting temporary employees work the extra hours. ! By paying benefits, unemployment, taxes, and other expenses that the staffing company assumes responsibility for in regard to their temporary workers. Improve Performance Absenteeism and employees who don’t match the needs of particular jobs lead to wasted time and effort. Staffing can help by: ! Offering temporary-to-hire options that allow businesses to try out new employees. ! Providing temporary help during peak periods to prevent burnout among core employees, reducing absenteeism and worker’s compensation claims. ! Smoothing fluctuations in workload; allowing the company to run “lean” and help to avoid layoffs. ! Screening more thoroughly, using the E-Verify screening program to identify individuals with legal rights to work in the United States and creating customized testing programs from large test databases with national benchmarking capabilities Save Time Using a staffing company saves time in several ways: ! They advertise, screen, interview, test, and reference check to attract potential employees. The business simply needs to select them for hire. ! Because of pre-employment screening for needed skills, less training is necessary prior to beginning work. ! The staffing company takes care of the temporary associates’ payroll and benefit administration. Increase Flexibility ! Hiring help as needed allows companies to respond to market demands quickly without adding full-time staff. ! During a hiring freeze, temporary workers can handle the workload without increasing the direct hire headcount. ! Letting temporary workers handle non-core business functions allows regular staff to concentrate on core competencies. Visit our website at TM AREA TEMPS ASA WHITE PAPER 23